6 Signs You’re Not the Same After a Break-up

Before grades came out I was texting my ex Kobe again and we were becoming friends. He got his phone taken because of grades and we don’t go to the same school, so now we don’t talk. We were making some progress though. We argued a lot before coming to an agreement that we shouldn’t talk about our love lives if they don’t include each other. I,however, did tell him that I was having a hard time loving anyone else, he said he was too. He has a girlfriend, and I have.. well a semi boyfriend and guys I talk to. Kobe told me I wasn’t the same girl he fell for, that I changed after our break-up. I obviously argued about that, but after awhile of arguing, he said something about my ex that completely set me off. He was just mad when he said it and he eventually apologized and said this exactly; “I’m sorry that he broke you, I tried to fix you.” I’m getting off track, but when he said I changed he was right. Maybe you’ve experienced pain lately or maybe you just aren’t happy with yourself. Based on my experience; this is how you can tell you’ve changed.

1) You’ve drastically changed your appearance. I don’t mean you went to get a hair cut. You went on a small shopping spree. I mean, you completely changed your style, be it your clothes, your make-up, hair, etc. You and everyone else can see the difference. I used to always have straight hair, recently I’ve been curling it everyday. I used to wear t-shirts, lately I’ve been dressing up. I put more make-up on. It isn’t a bad thing; It’s just a sign of change.

2) You’ve changed your group of friends. I haven’t completely abandoned my old friends, I’ve just made new ones, and honestly lately I don’t connect with my old friends anymore. These friends have the same interests as me now, as I will state in 4 your interests change too.

3) Nothing really phases you anymore. You don’t feel pain the same way as you did in the past. Whether it be new relationship troubles or if you were a previously jealous person and you’re not anymore; You aren’t bothered by the same things anymore. When I was with Kobe, I got jealous of girls. With track star, I could care less.

4) You have new interests. I wasn’t interested in school as much when I was with Kobe or really since elementary school. Now I try super hard in school. I have new music taste, well more like I like more types of music now. I’m more open to new things now, and trying new things has become an interest of mine.

5) You’re doing things you never thought you’d do.  As I have said in 2 my group of friends have changed and they like doing different things than my old group. This might tie into the new interests, but lately I have been staying out all night, going to parties, driving all the way to the state capital and back in the night with friends. I even rode the city bus throughout my city with my friends this week.

6) You’ve turned into a thrill seeker. I’ve always been reckless and a little out there, but now I just do things for the thrill. I drive all the way to the capital of the state at 12 am because there are plenty of new places to stop on the way, I drive fast, and we never stop at the same place twice. Parties are also new to me. Talking to a lot of guys is new, but I’m not being a slut or anything, I’m just experiencing being young and free while I can. I danced like crazy at prom. I love feeling like I’m on top of the world.


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